6 Infographics about Plastic Surgeries around the World

Plastic surgery serves as a contentious subject among the public but its allure and appeal is undeniable. While often used as a reconstructive method for people disfigured due to accident or assault, the past 30 years have seen it emerge as a mostly cosmetic endeavor. Among claims of surgical addiction, botched jobs and unnatural beauty, the act of artificially improving the human body has become a wholly common one in modern times.

From botox to breast enhancements, these six infographics about plastic surgeries around the world tell an interesting tale of the people and the procedures:

1. Top 10 Cosmetic Surgical Procedures in the United Kingdom

Cosmetic Surgerybig

Giving viewers a quick overview of exactly what parts of the human body people are most uncomfortable with, this statistical infographic offers an overview of the number and types of plastic surgeries undergone by women and men in the United Kingdom during 2010 and 2011. Breast augmentation reigns at the top for women on a list that winds down through familiar procedures such as eyelid surgery, face/neck lifts, liposuction (especially post-pregnancy) and even ear correction.

2. Plastic Surgery in the United States – The Statistics

With more than $10 billion spent on almost 10 million non-medical surgical procedures in 2009, the United States stands out as the most surgery-hungry nation in the world. As this detailed infographic shows, despite the liposuction cost, American women were the beneficiaries of 10 times more surgeries than their male counterparts, with procedures ranging from breast enhancement and augmentation to rhinoplasty and tummy tucks while non- or minimally invasive procedures like botox injections and laser hair removal account for about half of all procedures carried out.

3. The Ancient Origins of Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery

While cosmetic surgery may seem at first glance to be a modern invention, it has actually been practiced for millennia in different cultures, beginning with Ancient Egypt. Given the great concern of Egyptians in ancient times of the state of the body following death, surgeries were sometimes given post-mortem to ensure that the face of the deceased would be recognized by the gods, who would in turn permit the dead to enter the afterlife.

Through Rome, India, Africa and many other areas of the world the practice continued, leaving us with a trend today that is far more ancient than is supposed by most.

4. Nose Job Nation: An Economic Lift

Nose Job Nation

Economic downturns and flatout recessions aside, Americans are still spending in large amounts where plastic surgery is concerned – they’re spending enough, in fact, to give their country a much-needed economic boost! This infographic breaks down exactly who is doing the spending and on what procedures they are spending it on.

5. Plastic Surgery Addiction in the United Kingdom

UK Plastic Surgery Infographic

Americans aren’t the only ones who love their plastic surgery and the rapid growth of the same market in the United Kingdom proves it! British men and women underwent more than 36,000 cosmetic procedures last year, a whopping 66% increase over the past five years, with the list of surgeries looking very much like that of their American counterparts. This infographic sheds detailed light on the people and places in the U.K. most prone to tucks, lifts and augmentations.

6. Plastic Surgery: Top 10 American Cities

USA Plastic Surgery

Looking at the infographic above, are you surprised to find that Hollywood hotbed Los Angeles isn’t among the top ten cities when measuring plastic surgeons per capita? The map presented here indicates a strong preference for plastic surgery along the east and west coasts with whopping five southern cities making the cut. People in the midwest, meanwhile, simply do not make the cut.